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Two years ago

Samstag, Juni 25th, 2011

Alomost two years ago I sent two cards for Roland’s Bismarck call. And saw them just in a TV clip! I will really try to go to Bad Kissingen to see the great show Roland curated!

The season is opened

Mittwoch, Mai 19th, 2010


After such a long time I did two cards. Both going to Roland. This year I will try to protect my brain from mail art calls for they are narrowing my thinking too much (but that is my fault, of course).

Stamp help, please

Mittwoch, März 10th, 2010

My first stamp I ordered has a little problem: The rubber in the inside seems to be to high and so the stamp shows a gray / black field instead of a white. I wonder if I can cut away the rubber with a cutter knife. Or will the small border than be to instable? Thanks for any hint.

UPDATE: I got help from Jean and nordbaer and gave the stamp a 2nd chance, stamping with very little pressure: It seems when I use very soft paper and some more ink it works. But I also learned not to use too small fonts and too tiny lines 🙂


How great is that!

Montag, Februar 2nd, 2009

A fantastic card from Nancy Scali can be seen on Roland’s Hofer-Blog.

Bored? No need!

Sonntag, Februar 1st, 2009

OMG: almost 800 videos to be found on YouTube when entering MAILART !

Still IUOMA – no more NING

Sonntag, Februar 1st, 2009

Seems, i am not a „clubman“. Remebering Groucho Marx and his word about membership, i will join the Groucho-Marx-fan club immediately 🙂 There are some newsgroups or mailing lists, i really like. But for me that Ning group is just too crowded. (But, of course, I appreciate Ruud’s work and enthusiasm!)

No more page on International Union of Mail-Artists NING


Samstag, Januar 17th, 2009

View my page on International Union of Mail-Artists

Just did my first „real“ mail art stamp :-)

Samstag, Januar 17th, 2009


Showing a German phrase, saying „postcards instead of e-mail“. Printed on normal paper I will cut it out with a special pair of scissors imitating the stamp perfs. I will also pimp the white space with different stamp motifs.

George Brecht died

Dienstag, Dezember 9th, 2008

George Brecht, the great fluxus-artist died last Friday.


I enjoyed the exhibition in Museum Ludwig ((a German mp3 audioguide file on G.B. ))

By the way :-)

Sonntag, Dezember 7th, 2008