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Oh, I know this person!

Sonntag, Juni 29th, 2008


A big „Thank you“ goes out to Josephine!

Big Post-In

Sonntag, Juni 29th, 2008

Wilma sent me a real load of beautiful things – thanks a lot!

Wilma-GirlsnightA nice objet trouvé from a night out.

Wilma-CoquesA nice 3-D-piece, naming the „Les-Coques-Marine“-posse 🙂

Wilma-NebelWhy do I have to think „Northern Lights“, looking at this wonderful card?

Wilma-MarkeWow! The Canadians have beautiful stamps!

Really sailing to Canada (I hope)

Sonntag, Juni 29th, 2008

Wilma-Boh-Det I will try to send this card by ship, not by plane – wonder if the post still does this.

Sailing to Canada

Montag, Juni 23rd, 2008


I hope, it will be enjoyed.

beer coaster

Dienstag, Juni 10th, 2008


Something that I really like on mail art: It opens the eyes for daily beauty. Like this beautiful beer coaster that Wilma sent me. Seeing it on the counter, under a glas: May be I would not even recognize it. But sending it as a postcard, there is a focus put on this beer coaster. And makes me think on how does Amber, „veritas vincit“ and a deer may fit together. It’s a bit duchampic 🙂 Really great!

black & blue

Samstag, Juni 7th, 2008


Here is a little snippet of a card that is on it’s long long way across the ocean to Wilma. A strange card: I have an idea what of the idea behind. But I won’t explain it 😉