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Mail from Roland!

Freitag, März 19th, 2010

Wohoooo, what a great card from Roland. Thanks a lot! Check his Bismarck-call.


(The card is not light blue, but shiny silver like a mirror)

Stamp help, please

Mittwoch, März 10th, 2010

My first stamp I ordered has a little problem: The rubber in the inside seems to be to high and so the stamp shows a gray / black field instead of a white. I wonder if I can cut away the rubber with a cutter knife. Or will the small border than be to instable? Thanks for any hint.

UPDATE: I got help from Jean and nordbaer and gave the stamp a 2nd chance, stamping with very little pressure: It seems when I use very soft paper and some more ink it works. But I also learned not to use too small fonts and too tiny lines 🙂