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The feed

Dienstag, März 18th, 2008

This blog has a feed. True! Just a bit hard to find 🙂

1968, Mar 16

Sonntag, März 16th, 2008

Greetings from Saigon

In (West-) Germany, his image is the one of the young and smart President, a man of action, encouraging people. Until today almost everyone knows his sentence „I am proud to say: Ich bin ein Berliner“. And as you can see on the stamp, he stands for the Apollo program.

On the other hand, there is the Vietnam war – no one here links it to JFK. So, the card is not to proclaim any „truth“ but wants to focus on this aspect of the Janus-like JFK.

et ego in mail art

Samstag, März 8th, 2008

it seems that (snail) mail art will be more than a one night send to me.

therefore, i will show some of my cards i sent or received, comment things or just link to interesting projects / sites.