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The Sea – The Place to be

Dienstag, Januar 6th, 2009

The card reached Canada 🙂


Sea ad

Mittwoch, Dezember 17th, 2008


On its way across the Sea 🙂

SPD to Hofer

Samstag, Dezember 6th, 2008

This goes out to Roland’s „Andreas Hofer“-call. Computer generated, printed as a photo. Though I prefer the paper works with knife and glue, this I couldn’t do it this way. But there will be only this one card – so in a way unique, too 🙂


Multiple arrived

Mittwoch, November 19th, 2008


This multiple went to Roland Halbritter. I like his „Andreas Hofer“ call!

across the sea

Dienstag, Oktober 28th, 2008

Another card leaving direction Canada. ((as always, the whole card will be shown when it reached there)) It’s great when people have a favorite subject – and „sea“ is a really inspiring one.


Good Health!

Dienstag, September 9th, 2008

This card left on August 28 and reached Canada.


I must say: Sea as a topic is really inspiring and brings me a lot of fun doing these cards.

Mail to Zadar

Dienstag, August 12th, 2008

Tricia Burr initiated a Mail Art Call for Zadar, Croatia, where she will stay as an international art resident with many others.

Zadar-V Zadar-R

This card just went there. On the back you find information about the first Dalmatian newspaper, „Kraglski Dalmatin“(„The Royal Dalmatian“), that was printed in Zadar, and about Ljudevit Gaj.

The front is made with carbon-paper „print“, imitating the look of the „Kraglski Dalmatin“ and using an official Yugoslavian stamp, showing Ljudevit Gaj.

sushi, anyone?

Montag, August 11th, 2008


This Nori-mail arrived in Canada recently – enjoy the meal 🙂

Didn’t really sailed to Canada

Montag, Juli 7th, 2008

Well, the post doesn’t ship cards anymore. Sad. Well…


(Bohemia on Sea, you can find the geo-coords of Bohemia on the card)

Sailed to Canada

Montag, Juli 7th, 2008

So, this reached Canada.


It works like these riddles in the mags: How to come from one word to another in five steps, just changing one letter only each time.